Don Lemon Loses Patience With Panel: ‘Let Me In Or I’m Gonna End The Segment’

Don Lemon was losing his patience with his guests after they got into a heated exchange. The CNN host had on Mike Shields, the former Chief of Staff of Reince Priebus at the RNC, and Neera Tanden, former policy advisor to Hillary Clinton, to discuss the special election in Georgia’s 6th District tomorrow between Democratic candidate John Ossoff and Republican candidate Karen Handel. They started off the conversation by talking about a couple of GOP-funded ads that take President Obama out of context and tie Ossoff to the GOP shooting that occurred last week. Shields, who is an associate of Handel, called them “inappropriate” and that Handel has denounced them. Tanden claimed that all the ugly attack ads were “one-sided,” an assertion that Lemon challenged. Things got tense between Shields and Tanden after she said that Ossoff is competitive in a “+20 Republican district,” which Shields called “non-fact fact.” Shields went on to say that the “real reason” why this special election is so close is because “national liberals” like Tanden have raised $25 million from out-of-state. “This is not a referendum on the president,” he continued. “This is a sign that if you’re a young person, a wealthy person, and you go work in Congress for five years, you can move back into a district and run if you get $25 million sent to you from being a part of ‘the resistance’ campaign…” Lemon tried to cut him off, but Tanden jumped in shortly after. “Both of you please, just stop, stop, stop! Let’s stop! Let’s stop! Let’s stop!” Lemon silenced them:
“When I need to get in, let me in or I’m gonna end the segment. It doesn’t do any good when both of you are talking over each other, when you don’t listen to the moderator. The people at home don’t get anything out of it. I’m here to ask you questions and to moderate this because I’m trying to get some answers and I’m trying to help the people at home come to some understanding about what’s going on. Okay, so will you please do that?”

Shields and Tanden agreed. Lemon went on to ask Shields if this election wasn’t a referendum on President Trump, then why does he keep tweeting about it. He responded by saying that Trump simply wants the Republican to win so he can move his agenda forward. Watch the clip, via CNN. [image via screengrab]

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