Hannity Defends Megyn Kelly, Demands NBC to ‘Release The Tapes’ of Alex Jones Interview

On Monday night, Sean Hannity closed his show by sharing his thoughts on Megyn Kelly‘s interview with Alex Jones. The Fox News host called the interview “okay,” but acknowledged that it was “highly-edited” by the “Mainstream Leftwing Destroy Trump Media.” He then asked his audience whether they think networks “in this day and age” are obligated to release the full interviews on their websites. Jones challenged Megyn Kelly and NBC on Sunday night to release the tapes and threatened to release his own tapes if they don’t. “Whether you agree or disagree with [Jones], this is the right thing to do.” Hannity then made it clear he was not being critical of his former Fox News colleague by saying “she is a journalist, she was doing her job,” but still thought NBC should release the tapes. “Let Americans decide,” he continued. “I’m a little sick and tired of the mainstream media… interviews to fit a predetermined narrative. Again, I’m not saying that Megyn Kelly did this. As a matter of fact, I know she didn’t.” He added, “I really do hate to disappoint all of you people in the media that would love to see a battle and fight break out between Megyn Kelly. That’s not happening. I truly wish her the best.” Hannity then ripped CBS and anchor Ted Koppel for editing his “fake edited news” interview with him back in March. Watch the clip, via Fox News.

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