Toobin on CNN: Don Jr. Waited to Share Wikileaks Documents Because He’s ‘Not That Bright’

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was on CNN this morning and dropped some major shade at the expense of Fredo Corleone Donald Trump Jr. Toobin and host Chris Cuomo were discussing Trump Jr.’s infamous, and lengthy, correspondence with Wikileaks and wondering why he waited until after he was outed by The Atlantic to share his records. Toobin went straight for the jugular. “Because he’s not that bright,” he said. Cuomo was taken aback by the blunt response. “Wasn’t expecting that,” he said to colleague Alisyn Camerota. Toobin elaborated. “All of Donald Trump Jr.’s behavior suggests someone who is really not a terrifically intelligent person, someone who is crude in his thinking and is just trying to help his father get elected by any legal or illegal means he can.” The messages between Trump Jr. and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, most of which were sent before the election, show the two discussing Hillary Clinton and the idea of the organization accidentally “leaking” some of President Donald Trump’s tax returns, as an attempt to “improve the perception of impartiality” of the whistleblowing institution. Don’t worry, though. Trump Jr., 39, is just a growing boy. A “good kid” –in the words of his father — who is bound to make mistakes once in a while. His dear papa has yet to return from Asia. When he’s back, Trump Jr. will likely get a stern talking to and quite possibly be sent to bed without dessert. [image via screenshot]

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