Julian Assange Responds to Donald Jr.-Wikileaks Bombshell by Offering to Become a US Ambassador

A day after conversations between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks regarding the 2016 election were released, Julian Assange responded by joking about the reports and suggesting he should be the Australian ambassador to the US. “Dear @DonaldJTrumpJr our offer of being ambassador to the US still stands. I could open a hotel style embassy in DC with luxury immunity suites for whistleblowers. The public will get a turbo-charged flow of intel about the latest CIA plots to undermine democracy. DM me,” tweeted Assange. The messages — in which the group asked the Donald Trump campaign to retweet Wikileaks damaging to Hillary Clinton — between the two entities are currently being investigated by Robert Mueller, as he continues his probe into Russian election meddling. Donald Jr. has attempted to downplay this news and claims he only spoke with Wikileaks three times. The first son further tried to distance himself from the group by accusing the congressional committees looking into the matter of intentionally leaking the messages. However, the correspondence between Trump allies and Wikileaks is particularly noteworthy in Mueller’s investigation as the whistle-blower organization is often accused of being connected to Kremlin intelligence agencies. [featured image via screengrab/YouTube] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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