TX Rep. Louie Gohmert Presents Wildly Confusing Conspiracy Chart During Sessions Hearing

A Republican congressman from Texas trotted into today’s oversight hearing of the House Juidicary Committee with perhaps the most confusing conspiracy chart since that episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia where Charlie Kelly tries to prove “Pepe Silvia” isn’t a real person. Lawmaker Louie Gohmert presented a chart to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to explaining a conspiracy theory claiming Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration took part in a pay-for-play scheme called “Uranium One” in which they allegedly sold uranium to Russia in exchange for cash donations to the Clinton Foundation. “We’ve got a chart here that shows just integral the relationship is with Mr. Rosenstein, Mr. Mueller, into this whole Uranium One thing,” said Gohmert — the incredibly confusing poster behind him. The theory has gained significant traction over the last few weeks after a report in The Hill brought the claims — that “stink to high heaven” according to Gohmert — against Clinton and Barack Obama back to life. A number of prominent Twitter users created their own Gomert-esque charts and mocked his conspiracy theory, as seen below: Watch above via Fox News. [featured image via screengrab] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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