New Poll: Roy Moore Is Up 6 Points Against Doug Jones Amid Scandal

Despite the negative news cycle his campaign has been facing, Roy Moore will likely be encouraged by a new poll released Tuesday night. In a local Fox10 News poll, 49% of roughly 3,000 likely voters are supporting the GOP candidate in the senate race, which is a 6-point lead against his Democratic rival Doug Jones who sits at 43%. 8% of voters in this poll remain undecided. Not everything in this latest poll is encouraging for the judge. He lost 8% of Republican support in comparison to a poll taken two weeks ago while Jones gained 3% support from across the aisle. When asked if the latest allegations against Moore has affected their vote, a whopping 35% say they’re more inclined to vote for him. Only 11% say they’re less likely to support him. Analysis from undecided voters, who may ultimately determine the outcome of the Dec. 12 election, do view Moore as favorably. 44% of them say they are less likely to vote for Moore in the wake of the scandal while only 6% say they’re more likely to vote for him. 51% of the undecided vote said they were undecided or that the allegations made no difference to their vote. Two previous polls showed the molestation allegations having a negative impact on Moore’s campaign. One poll showed the two candidates in a dead heat with Moore leading by a fraction of a percent while another poll showing Jones leading by 4 points. Despite all the pushback from his own party, Moore remains defiant and currently plans on sticking it out.   [image via screengrab]

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