Mediaite‘s Larry O’Connor: Bill Clinton ‘Getting a Pass’ For Assault ‘Had a Powerful Influence on Our Culture’

This post is by Joseph A. Wulfsohn from Mediaite

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Mediaite Contributing Editor Larry O’Connor appeared on Fox News Tuesday night to discuss the “Weinstein Effect” that has been taking place in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. While he agreed with fellow panelist Richard Fowler that part of the solution is to teach boys early on how to treat women and learn from cautionary tales of men who were falsely accused of misconduct, O’Connor said he was “a little chagrined” by Democrats who are now speaking out against Bill Clinton for allegations that were made 20 years ago. “You worry about a rape culture in America,” O’Connor elaborated. “Juanita Broaddrick was ignored, ridiculed, demeaned and absolutely trashed by the party elites, by [Hillary] Clinton, by the way, for the last 20 years. And just now suddenly Democrats are seeing religion on this.” Before the segment, Fox News’s James Rosen reported on the numerous publications are finally speaking out against the former president. O’Connor dismissed the idea that the “Weinstein Effect” is a “global movement” since only Western countries are addressing sexual misconduct head-on while Sharia-oriented countries in the Middle East have a “major problem” with how they treat women. But before Shannon Bream closed the segment, O’Connor reiterated the impact that was made when Clinton got a “pass” for his sexual assault allegations. Fowler pushed back, pointing to Clinton’s impeachment. “He didn’t get impeached over the Juanita Broaddrick case and that was a sexual assault,” O’Connor rebuffed. “And I think that had a powerful influence on our culture.” Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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