Watch Jesse Watters Interview a 9-Year-Old Trump Supporter For No Reason

Weekend Fox News host Jesse Watters interviewed a random nine-year-old today — as he was apparently the best and most articulate Trump supporter he could find. Watters spent nearly nine minutes asking the child assorted questions about President Donald Trump’s agenda and accomplishments. While the segment may seem unnecessary and trivial to most, compared to Watters World‘s reporting last week — in which he interviewed a man being evicted for having a squirrel as a pet — this segment was a hard-hitting bombshell. The child — who will not be mentioned by name in this article out of principle and disdain for shameless self-promoters — went on to say that he loves Trump because of his positions against undocumented immigrants, saying, “I think [Trump] has done great. Illegal immigrants are not pouring into the country as much anymore. I still like the idea of the wall.” He also that he wanted security to stop the tunneling between the border — which was notorious drug trafficker El Chapo’s preferred form of border crossing. “You can dig tunnels [so we have] to make sure you cannot tunnel underneath,” he said. The rando-kid went onto channel his inner-Trump by going on a short, nonsensical rant about taxes — spewed at a second grade level. “It is better because right now the taxes are too high and way too high and it has to stop,” said the child. When asked by Watters who was going to “pay” for the border wall dividing Mexico and the US, the child claimed Mexico will pay for it. Watch above via Fox News. [image via screengrab] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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