Trump’s Lonely Photo Op Targeting Pelosi and Schumer Inspires Twitter Memes

President Donald Trump was set to bargain today with Democrat congressional leaders Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi, but these plans went downhill after he tweeted that he didn’t “see a deal” happening any time soon. Despite the fact that a government shutdown is only days away if a deal isn’t made soon, Trump felt the need to rile up his Democrat opponents by tweeting the following this morning: In response, the Democratic leaders cancelled the meeting, which led Pelosi to fire off a tweet of her own afterwards: While his opponents may have cancelled the meeting, the president still decided to show up and stage a photo op in an attempt to embarrasses his Democratic colleagues. Trump sat on a long wooden table with two chairs flanking him; to his right a label read “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer” and to his left a sign read “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.” Immediately after Trump set this scene, Twitter got right to work by creating their memes, mocking the president, and bringing back similar government shutdown-related photos from years past. See the best tweets inspired by Trump’s lonely table photo op below: [image via screengrab/CSPAN] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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