Lindsey Graham Defends Trump Attack on CNN… on CNN: GOP Doesn’t ‘Trust’ You

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina defended Donald Trump after CNN host Wolf Blitzer pushed the lawmaker over a recent tweet in which the president attacked the network’s reporting as “fake news” — which inspired the Libyan government to decry a report on slavery. The presidential tweet in question specifically attacked CNN International — which is the network’s overseas division — as Trump suggested they are dishonest and represent the US “poorly” on a global stage. This statement led Blitzer to play the never-ending media game of vigorously grilling Republican lawmakers on their opinions about Trump’s Twitter account. Though, this time the issue was more serious, as Libyan authorities have used the president’s attack on CNN International to claim that an article by the outlet on the slave trade in the North African country is false. Rather than dodging — as House Speaker Paul Ryan is notorious for doing — took the bait and defended Trump’s anti-media statements, saying:
“I’m not suggesting that you report the news in a way that you think is unfair, but [let’s be honest] about this. MSNBC and CNN is just 24 hours a day of ‘Trump did something wrong and stupid’ — and also good news reporting on Fox, ‘he’s always right.’ So the bottom line is, you’ve got to understand why most Republicans don’t trust CNN.”

Blitzer responded by saying the president was “attacking” CNN — implying Graham was defending attacks on the press from the executive branch. “Well, I’m not attacking you and I’m on your show,” shot back the GOP senator. Despite justifying the president’s media attacks, Graham did finish the discussion by saying CNN’s reporters are “good at what they do.” Watch above via CNN. [image via screengrab/CNN] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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