Breitbart News Editor: Trump Sharing Unverified Anti-Muslim Videos Is ‘Too Far’

In response to President Donald Trump retweeting three anti-Muslim videos that were originally posted by a far-right, racist political group, Joel Pollak — who is an editor for the vehemently pro-Trump site Breitbart Newspublished an op-ed declaring the controversial clips to be “too far” and even “hate speech.” Jayda Fransen, who is the deputy leader of a UK anti-immigrant party called Britain First, shared the videos on her personal Twitter account and they were retweeted by Trump this morning. The authenticity of the videos are highly questionable, as at least one of the clips has been verified as false. The other two videos in question may not be showing what their anti-Muslim captions suggest the videos are showing, which is the issue Pollak takes with the retweets. Breitbart’s senior editor-at-large wrote the following to justify his issue with Trump’s tweets:
“The caption for the first tweet an ‘Islamist mob’ allegedly pushing a teenager off the building. Franzen at least uses the term ‘Islamist,’  which refers to a political ideology. However, her second tweet simply refers to a ‘Muslim’ shown destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary, and her third tweet refers to a ‘Muslim migrant.’ These references seem intended to conflate the misdeeds of one person with the behavior of a group as a whole.”

Pollak went on to state that these irresponsible retweets are “risky” because they encourage “prejudice and hatred and could also provoke retaliation.” “At best, the tweets are sloppy. At worst, they are hate speech — not illegal, but not what an American leader should condone,” added Pollak. While he did reaffirm White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ claim — that these incidents are “real” in some cases — he continued to hit the president for the videos as they are not legitimate examples of these “threats.” “It true that there is some support for radical Islam in the Muslim world, and among Muslim immigrants. But that is the view of a small minority,videos that blur the line between the innocent and the guilty,” said Pollak. Ironically, Pollak’s website features a “black crime” section, which does exactly what he slams Trump for doing — cherry picks the misdeeds of individuals to paint an entire group as criminal. [image via screengrab] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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