Fox & Friends Blasts NY Times Opinion Page’s Advocacy Journalism In Least Self Aware Moment Ever

In what will likely be heretofore known as the “least self-aware cable news segment ever,”Fox & Friends railed on The New York Times Opinion section for “advocacy journalism” — seemingly forgetting that like their own self-described “opinion program,” the “opinion page” is the place for the NY Times to advocate opinions. This dust-up came about yesterday when – in light of a looming congressional vote on a sweeping tax reform legislation that the NY Times opinion editors oppose – they encouraged readers to call various Senators on the fence, including phone numbers for their respective congressional offices. Co-host Steve Doocy cited recent social media guidelines that the NY Times put forth for their newsroom, saying “It looks like a violation of their own social media rules because it says other journalists must not express partisan opinions, promote political views which clearly they are doing.” Doocy then pointed out that these “apply to everybody in the department of the newsroom” before spiking the football with “I would imagine the opinion page is part of the newsroom.” Yeah but here’s the thing. It’s not. The Opinion page is the place for advocating opinions and by its very titular definition, is NOT part of the newsroom. It’s actually exactly the same set up that many cable news networks take advantage of. Consider Fox & Friends for example. This show enjoys the freedom of being an “opinion program” and is not held to the same journalist standards of the Fox News news programs (which are fewer and farther between the balance of Fox News opinion programs.) Did the NY Times opinion editors demonstrate a new level of advocacy by sharing congressional phone numbers via Twitter? Sure. But is it really any different than the advocacy on full display every single morning on Fox & Friends? Not really. Which makes this particular segment even more of a hypocritical fail. Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt is fond of promoting her faith and Christianity on this show. Perhaps she should familiarize herself  with the Biblical verse “judge not, lest ye be judged.” Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News. –image via screen capture–

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