‘Rope. Tree. Journalist.’: Walmart Has Been Selling Shirt That Promotes Lynching Reporters

You may remember that bizarre “Rope. Tree. Journalist.’ shirt which was spotted at a rally for then-candidate President Donald Trump last year. In case you need a refresher, you can see it above. “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.” Pretty crazy, right? The shirt alludes to lynching reporters, which is the kind of sentiment that festers when you consistently rail against the press whenever the media says something you don’t like. Back when the garment was spotted at the November 2016 rally it didn’t appear that anyone knew where, or if, you could buy it. Well, we found out. Walmart, the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer, has been selling the shirt. As a matter of fact, until today, you could cruise online and buy it from their digital store. They have finally, however, stopped selling it. The Radio Television Digital News Association discovered that Walmart had been selling it via a third party vendor called Teespring. Once the RTDNA stepped in, Walmart was forced to pull the shirt from digital store shelves. “We are grateful for Walmart’s swift action, but dismayed that it, and anyone else selling the shirt, would offer such an offensive and inflammatory product,” the RTDNA’s executive director, Dan Shelley said. “We believe they are particularly inflammatory within the context of today’s vitriolic political and ideological environment.” Walmart followed with a statement of their own, alleging they had no idea that the offensive item was for sale on their online store. “As soon as we were alerted to this content promoting violence against journalists we removed the content, added this content to our automated scanning systems, and kicked off a human sweep of the site to find and remove any similar content,” the statement read. Former Major League Baseball pitcher and Breitbart radio host Curt Schilling once posted a photo of the shirt on his Twitter account, referring to it as “so much awesome.” [image via screenshot]Follow Lawrence Bonk (@sidescrollers) on Twitter

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