Jake Tapper: Alabama Could Become ‘Something of a Laughingstock’ If It Elects Roy Moore

Earlier today, embattled Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore got involved in a Twitter feud with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Moore didn’t take too kindly to Kimmel’s show sending down a comedian to act like a Moore superfan to state that the ex-judge was a “man’s man,” taking to Twitter to call on Kimmel to travel to Alabama if he were going to mock “Christian values.” Kimmel responded by saying he’d come but he’d leave his “daughters at home.” Addressing this back-and-forth this afternoon, CNN anchor Jake Tapper noted that while there was a bit of comedy in this situation, something else also needs to be looked at. “There is a bigger issue here about Alabama becoming something of a laughingstock if it actually votes for Roy Moore,” the host stated. “Right,” CNN reporter MJ Lee said in response. “And you know, whether they will vote Roy Moore after all of the headlines that we have seen over the last couple of weeks, I think when a candidate has become sort of so controversial and so well-known for the controversies surrounding him, obviously that becomes sort of the center of what this special election will be about.” In the immediate aftermath of the bombshell reports on Moore alleging that he initiated sexual contact and relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s, some polls showed Democrat Doug Jones taking a lead in the race. However, now that the allegations have been out there for a bit, Moore has rebounded in many of the polls and is currently up two points in the Real Clear Politics poll average. Watch the clip above, via CNN. [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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