Ingraham Goes OFF on Guest After Acquittal in Kate Steinle Case: ‘Makes Me Sick To My Stomach!’

Laura Ingraham was one of many on Fox News who were livid about the verdict of the Kate Steinle murder case. She began a panel discussion by sharing that she was “choked up” when she first read the news alert on her phone on behalf of Steinle’s family and all American families who were “brutalized” by “criminals who should have never been in this country in the first place.” Attorney and Republican strategist Harmeet Dhillon was “ashamed” of her hometown of San Francisco for “rolling out the red carpet” for illegal immigrants due to its sanctuary city policy. While he sided with Ingraham and Dhillon’s frustrations on the verdict, immigration attorney Michael Wildes warned that immigrants should not be “scapegoated” over this “isolated incident.” Ingraham slammed Wildes for “spouting out clichés” like “we’re a nation of immigrants.” “We have a dead 31-year-old girl right here,” Ingraham said to Wildes, “and we have an illegal immigrant… who San Francisco refused to hold on an immigration detainer in sheer defiance of federal law, federal law which is supreme over state law when it comes to matters of immigration.” She continued, “That is an outrage to all Americans! They did not hold him. They should have held him. When he was removed from the country, you bet he shouldn’t have come into this country. But for people like you who stand up for these criminals when Americans are being brutalized and immigrants who are legally here are being brutalized, frankly, makes me sick to my stomach tonight.” Dhillon insisted that “blood is on the hands” of not only the killer but of the politicians in San Francisco as well as the Obama administration for not enforcing our borders. Meanwhile, Wildes placed blame on ICE for not preventing this tragedy. And Ingraham went after him (again) for using “clichés.” “Your cliché is trying to rope in — you’re trying to conflate illegal immigration and immigration, and that is a tactic that is so tedious to everyone!” Ingraham exclaimed. “When you keep saying, ‘You’re scapegoating immigrants.’ No, we’re not! What we’re saying is, ‘He should not have been here. You bet he should not have been here.’ But don’t take the blame, all of the blame and put it just on the feds when the feds had a detainer out on him and San Francisco did not honor it!” Ingraham added that the Steinle family is “being victimized all over again” by not just the verdict but “hearing these types of arguments.” Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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