Ben Shapiro on Kate Steinle: The Notion That Illegals Can Commit Crimes and Reenter US Is Why Trump Won

On Thursday night, Ben Shapiro weighed in on the shocking verdict of the Kate Steinle murder trial. When Steinle was shot in San Francisco in July 2015, it sparked a national dialogue of sanctuary city policies that prevented accused killer and illegal immigrant Jose Zarate from being deported. The Daily Wire editor-in-chief dismissed the argument in favor of sanctuary cities. “I live in Los Angeles and tell you that the idea that making sure that illegal immigrants continue to be released back onto the streets rather than being given over to the feds- that is not going to lower the crime rate. The lack of trust between the immigrant community and the law enforcement community- that needs to be overcome but that can’t be overcome just by simply saying that illegal immigrants should be released back into the community rather than being handed over to the feds,” Shapiro told Shannon . Shapiro then invoked California’s “three strikes law” that would put citizens in jail for a “very, very long time” if they committed three felonies while Zarate committed many felonies and kept being released by sanctuary cities. “He was out, he picked up a gun- he stole a gun presumably, and then he shot Kate Steinle,” Shapiro continued. “Whether he meant to shoot her or whether he just meant to discharge the firearm is no consequence.When you pick up that gun and you know that it has the possibility of firing and it fires, this is the very best involuntary manslaughter.” The conversation then shifted to how this case helped President Trump during the election. And Shapiro thinks this verdict backs up his victory. “The basic notion that an illegal immigrant can commit crimes in this country and then reenter the country at will is why President Trump won and that’s why President Trump ought to push for the construction of that barrier and ought to make sure that the American people are safe from predators like this one,” he concluded. Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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