Morning Joe Mocks Trump After No One Shows Up to Christmas Tree Lighting: ‘Biggest Turnout…in History!’

Morning Joe opened up a particularly whimsical Friday-in-December show by covering President Donald Trump’s Christmas Tree lighting at the White House — and ruthlessly mocked him for his lackluster crowd at the typically busy event. “So a beautiful, balmy evening in D.C., no excuse to get outside,” MSNBC’s Katty Kay started, describing the night. “And you go to the Christmas tree lighting — except not many people show up.” “I’ve never seen it this empty before, never seen it this empty,” Kay added, before a photo of empty seats at the lighting was shown, eliciting audible shock from the Morning Joe panel. “Oh my God!” Mika Brzezinski exclaimed. “Holy moly!” added John Heilemann, before quipping: “That is the biggest turnout at a Christmas tree lighting in history.” “Someone, we know, is not going to be happy with that photo,” Kay noted. “There were that did side by side comparisons with last year and this year, and my gosh, last year it really was a mob scene, it shuts Washington down, you can’t move anywhere around the location,” Scarborough said, adding that this year “nobody showed up.” “That’s a low turnout,” Brzezinski said. Mika tried to move on to the news, but apparently hadn’t had enough of the crowd-size-talk, claiming “it’s really amazing actually, and a sign of disgust” with the president. Scarborough contested that people were likely just at home watching Stranger Things, and Heilemann made a terrible joke about some show called Mindhunter. Watch above, via MSNBC. [image via screengrab] — Follow Aidan McLaughlin (@aidnmclaughlin) on Twitter

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