Trump Tries to Pivot, Slams ‘Fake News’ Reports on Tillerson Ouster Plan

Based on the latest tweet from President Trump, it seems he really doesn’t want to address today’s big news that his former security adviser has confirmed his cooperation with Robert Mueller. Instead, Trump would much rather bash the press over the recent reports saying the White House is looking to replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state.
Speculations about Tillerson’s future have taken a backseat in the media cycle today, due to the news that Michael Flynn has pled guilty for charges of lying to federal investigators. This could be a major breakthrough for the Russia 2016 election interference probe, especially due to the most recent reports saying Flynn opened a communications channel between the Trump campaign and Russia under orders from Jared Kushner. There were indications over the past few days that Trump was concerned that Flynn would turn on him after their legal teams stopped sharing information with one another. Even though Trump’s legal team says Flynn’s indictment has nothing to do with the president, Trump managed to dodge questions from the media about all of this when the White House cancelled a planned media scrum between himself and the prime minister of Libya. Now, if Trump wants to break the current media cycle so badly, he could try firing Tillerson in the next few hours. The optics might not improve a whole lot if he does that though. [Image via screengrab] — —
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