Watch Kimmel Explain The Flynn/Trump/Mueller Dynamic Using Star Wars Characters

On Friday night, Jimmy Kimmel tied his Star Wars Night to the bombshell news about Gen. Michael Flynn. Kimmel took shots at the former national security advisor for leading the “lock her up” chants at the Republican National Convention at the expense of Hillary Clinton and when he said he’d “be in jail today” if he did “a tenth of what she did.” “So, I guess he did a tenth of what she did and he’s gonna be in jail today,” Kimmel quipped. He told his audience that Flynn is reportedly testifying against President Trump‘s family, staff, and possibly Trump himself, which could be “very bad news for Donald Trump” but “very good news for Melania Trump.” And he noted that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly directed Flynn to make contact with the Russians. “Jared Kushner is now officially the worst son-in-law since the movie Pauly Shore made 1993,” he joked. Kimmel wondered if all of this was an “extremely elaborate ruse” by Trump to “get rid of an annoying son-in-law.” He then went on to explain Flynn’s deal with Mueller, but because it’s confusing, he thought it would be easier to explain it with Star Wars characters. In his analogy, Luke Skywalker is Robert Mueller, Darth Vader is Michael Flynn, and Emperor Palpatine is Donald Trump. Darth Vader used to take orders from The Emperor, but his “allegiance has flipped” and like in Star Wars, Flynn may throw Trump “down a shaft.” Make sense? Watch the clip above, via ABC.  

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