Dan Abrams: ‘If You’re Jared Kushner Right Now, You’re Very Nervous’

Mediaite founder and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams said that Jared Kushner should be nervous in talking about Michael Flynn‘s guilty plea this morning. Abrams and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey discussed the potential implications with George Stephanopoulos, with Abrams saying the investigative focus is clearly on “what happened during the campaign” and after the election, “in terms of possible obstruction of justice.” Mukasey said there’s been a lot of “unwarranted” speculation and argued, “That plea agreement does not, to me, indicate that there’s very much else there.” Stephanopoulos brought up the very strong possibility Mueller received “something significant in return” for only going after Flynn for lying. Mukasey said “not necessarily,” but Abrams said, “That’s a very generous way to view it.” He said Flynn is the “smaller fish” they’re using to go after the bigger fish, and went back and forth Mukasey over the significance here. Stephanopoulos also observed that it seems like Mueller “has Jared Kushner in his sights.” Abrams said, “I think that if you’re Jared Kushner right now, you’re very nervous.” On the issue of where the focus of the investigation is, he noted that where the President’s son-in-law should be concerned is “what happened in the campaign itself with regard to communications with the Russians.” Kushner’s name has come up a lot in the conversation about Flynn’s plea and potential implications it could have for him as the special counsel investigation continues. Watch above, via ABC. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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