CNN Panel Rips ABC News Over Botched Report: ‘Handing a Sword’ to People Who Cry ‘Fake News’

CNN’s Brian Stelter opened today’s Reliable Sources with ABC News’ botched report on Michael Flynn and subsequent suspension of Brian Ross. Ross’ initial report said Flynn would testify that President Trump directed him to contact Russia “as a candidate,” but it was later clarified that this took place when Trump was President-elect. This, of course, is no small difference. Veteran journalist Jeff Greenfield went off on the “consequential” error and said, “This is not Brian Ross’ first mistake in reporting breaking news inaccurately.” He recalled Ross’ history of erroneous reporting before saying this:
“This is exactly what Trump and his allies want to say, ‘No matter what you hear on mainstream media, it’s fake. They’re doing it to hurt us.’ And this is like handing a sword to the people who want all media to be looked at in that regard.”

CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy reporting and inquiries led to ABC saying they would be issuing a “clarification”––told Stelter there’s uncertainty within ABC about Ross’ future at the network, given how “very embarrassed” people are. American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan said this is significant because “the stakes are so high,” noting how eager the President and his allies are to leap on mistakes like this. Watch above, via CNN. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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