Trump Lawyer: The ‘President Cannot Obstruct Justice’

Following a week in which President Donald Trump tweeted incessantly about the charges levied against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, his lawyer John Dowd defended his client with a novel defense. Speaking with Mike Allen of Axios, Dowd declared that the “President cannot obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer under [the Constitution’s Article II] and has every right to express his view of any case.” Trump reacted to news that Flynn pleaded guilty to the charges by tweeting that he knew the former lieutenant general lied to the FBI. Many pointed out that Trump’s tweet could constitute obstruction of justice, as he admitted that he knew Flynn lied to the FBI at the time of his firing. “The tweet did not admit obstruction,” Dowd told Axios. “That is an ignorant and arrogant assertion.” After Trump’s tweet set of a firestorm of The Washington Post reported that Dowd, not the president, had actually written it. That should be taken with some skepticism, given how insanely reckless the tweet is worded, and how incriminating is seems. As Allen notes, “Trump’s legal team is clearly setting the stage to say the president cannot be charged with any of the core crimes discussed in the Russia probe: collusion and obstruction. Presumably, you wouldn’t preemptively make these arguments unless you felt there was a chance charges are coming.” [image via screengrab] — Follow Aidan McLaughlin (@aidnmclaughlin) on Twitter

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