Kellyanne Conway Repeats Fox & Friends Lie that MSNBC Ignored Kate Steinle Story

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During a morning hit on Fox & Friends, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was knee-deep in her standard anti-media jeremiad when she dropped a pretty damning nugget that had been promoted on the same channel just the day before. She claimed that “MSNBC didn’t even cover the Kate Steinle murder verdict. Not a single minute, even according to your graphic.” And just for clarity, here is said graphic: The thing is that she — and the Fox & Friends Weekend report from yesterday — are 100% false, and can easily be proven as much. Some background…On Sunday morning’s episode of Fox & Friends Weekend, co-host Pete Hegseth had on as guest Bre Payton, who is described as the “culture and millennial politics reporter” by her employer The Federalist.  Together they discussed their frustration that MSNBC completely ignored Friday’s verdict in the Kate Steinle tragedy, ostensibly as evidence the network’s biased coverage. But a very simple search of transcript archive TV Eyes clearly shows that MSNBC covered the story three specific times on Friday. It also came up once on Sunday during MSNBC Live. This was initially noticed by CNN’s Oliver Darcy who pointed it out yesterday via Twitter: One could argue that MSNBC’s coverage of this highly politicized story pales in comparison to right-of-center outlets, like, say Fox News, but reasonable people can easily see that this story is getting more coverage by conservatives exactly because of the politics surround it. But the issue here is that Fox & Friends Weekend promoted a false story without the easiest bit of research to confirm, which was then parroted by White House Senior adviser on Fox News. Which outlet is the “Fake News” one again? Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News. –image via screen capture–

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