Kellyanne Conway: If ABC News’ Brian Ross Worked for Me, He’d Be Fired

During a Fox Business Network appearance today, Kellyanne Conway discussed ABC News’ botched report about President Donald Trump and Michael Flynn. The president himself already weighed in on the serious error and Brian Ross’s suspension––even suggesting people should sue over the stock market drop that followed the ABC report––and Stu Varney brought the matter up after talking with Conway about tax reform. “If Brian Ross worked for me,” Conway said, “it would not be four weeks of unpaid suspension for a guy making seven-figures to lie on the air. It would be complete termination.” Conway said the botched report reflects a “hunger to get rid of this president and talk about Russia collusion,” criticizing ABC News for how the story “lived for hours and hours and hours before they did any action on it.” Meanwhile, on Fox News earlier in the day, Conway backed up the claim Trump lawyer John Dowd drafted the President’s Saturday tweet about Flynn and the FBI, a claim that’s been received with quite a bit of skepticism. She also repeated the false report made by Fox News that rival MSNBC did not cover the Kate Steinle verdict. Watch above, via Fox Business Network. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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