Moore Campaign Chairman Calls Accuser Leigh Corfman ‘Problem Child’

As Roy Moore‘s senate campaign receives President Trump‘s blessing, it seems they’re upping their pushback against his underage sexual abuse accusers. The Weekly Standard released a profile on Moore that focuses on the Alabama politician’s likelihood of defeating Doug Jones in the upcoming state election. Several of Moore’s supporters and campaign officials are doubling down with their distrust of the political media, and they also say they do not believe the women who have come forward with claims about Moore’s sexual misconduct. As a reminder, Moore’s troubles began when Leigh Corfman and three other women told reporters of his inappropriate behavior towards them back when they were teenagers. Corfman has taken multiple opportunities to present her case to the public, which prompted senior Weekly Standard writer John McCormack to compare her to Juanita Broaddrick when she accused Bill Clinton of rape in 1999. Moore campaign chairman Bill gave an interview recently where he pushed back on Corfman by invoking Brietbart’s attempt to discredit Moore’s accusers. “Custody had been given over to her father,” Armistead said at the time. “That’s what this proceeding was all about. She went to court—the mother to turn the custody over to the father—because she was a problem child.” When McCormack asked Armistead whether he believes Broaddrick, he replied with “I have no comment.” Campaign strategist Brett Doster was also asked this question, and he responded: “The principal reason why you should doubt those allegations is because Roy Moore has denied those allegations and because we have hundreds of credible character witnesses who say this is completely out of line with who he is now or who he was then.” [Image via screengrab] — —
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