Jesse Watters Rips FBI Over Agent Booted from Mueller Probe: Looking ‘As Crooked as Hillary’

It’s a new week for The Five and Jesse Watters went to work against the FBI over the recent news that an agent was dismissed from Robert Mueller‘s team over apparent bias against President Trump. Over the past weekend, Peter Strzok was taken off the investigation and reassigned to human resources due to a number of “anti-Trump texts” he sent. Subsequent reporting indicates that Strzok was responsible for James Comey‘s drafted statement where the former FBI director described Hillary Clinton as “extremely careless” with regard to her email scandal. When today’s panel discussed all of this, the consensus was that the news doesn’t reflect well on the Clinton investigation or the special counsel. Watters summed it up by saying “the FBI looks about as crooked as Hillary.” “We now know from the documents we have seen they were frantically trying to cover it up,” Watters said. “The team is stacked with Democratic donors, Mueller is Comey’s professional mentor, and it looks like Comey’s now probably guilty of removing FBI documents after he illegally leaked them. The whole thing looks really bad and I really don’t trust the integrity of the investigation anymore.” Watch above, via Fox News. [Image via screengrab] — —
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