MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki Clashes With GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Over Whether Trump Obstructed Justice

It was reported earlier today that President Donald Trump’s legal team is arguing that the President of the United States cannot, by law, obstruct justice. This comes on the heels of Trump lawyer John Dowd claiming he was the one who composed a weekend tweet from Trump’s account that stated Trump knew ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn lied to the FBI before he fired him. That tweet has set off a bunch of cries of “obstruction of justice,” with many pointing to former FBI Director James Comey previously stating that Trump attempted to get him to end the probe into Flynn prior to the president firing Comey. However, as stated above, the White House appears to be sticking with the argument that Trump cannot commit obstruction of justice. During an MSNBC segment today, host Steve Kornacki got into it a bit with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) over whether the president obstruct justice and if Jordan agreed with the tactic Trump’s legal team was floating. “I think the argument is because he asked Comey to not go after Michael Flynn a guy who served our country, a general, who served in our armed services that somehow that’s obstruction,” Jordan stated. “I don’t see how that’s obstruction of justice.” The Freedom Caucus member then pivoted to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, bringing up the Steele dossier and stating that the Clinton campaign “paid Russians.” “I asked you about obstruction of justice,” Kornacki countered before providing an explanation why some legal experts believe Trump did obstruct justice with his firing of Comey as it relates to Flynn. “No, no. I see the argument you’re making but you have to go back to the beginning,” the Republican lawmaker exclaimed. “You’ve got a special counsel investigation potential investigating coordination between the Trump campaign and Russians and we know the other campaign coordinated with the Russians.” “What does that have to do with the facts I just laid out?” Kornacki wondered aloud after Jordan once again brought up the dossier. Jordan responded that the premise of the special counsel was up for debate before tossing out more mentions of the Clinton campaign and the dossier. “Is your standard, if you disagree with the investigation you get to lie to investigators?” Kornacki replied, leading Jordan to say he wasn’t doing that before once again going down the Hillary/dossier road. The two would go back and forth on this issue a bit more before Kornacki switched the focus of the interview to the GOP tax bill. Watch the clip above, via MSNBC. [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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