RNC Resumes Support for Roy Moore Following Trump Endorsement

The Republican National Committee will support Roy Moore once again as the embattled Alabama politician draws closer to his state’s senatorial election. Last month, the RNC withdrew money and staff from Moore’s campaign in light of the ongoing controversy surrounding his alleged sexual abuse of several minors. This decision will now be reversed, however, since Breitbart has heard from a senior RNC official who told them that on the subject of Moore, “We stand with the president.” It is unclear whether this means the National Republican Senatorial Committee will also provide support to Moore again. Earlier today, President Trump offered his full support to Moore despite the accusations against him. Hours after this happened, Washington Post released a new report on one of Moore’s accusers and the graduation card he sent her years ago. This new bit of evidence could raise new questions about the the level of connection Moore and his accusers. While Senator Orrin Hatch backed Trump’s decision to endorse Moore, Mitt Romney warned that a potential Moore victory would be a horrific stain on the GOP. Interesting side note: Romney’s niece, Ronna Romney McDaniel, is the current head of the RNC, so that could lead to some fascinating family dynamics down the line. [Image via screengrab] — —
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