Hannity Blasts ABC News For Erroneous Flynn Report: ‘Journalism in America Is Dead’

You just knew Fox News’ Sean Hannity was going to have a field day with Brian Ross’ major screwup. And at the end of a lengthy Monday night monologue devoted to the latest revelations in the Mueller probe, Hannity did just that, tearing into the ABC News reporter for spreading “fake news.” “As we often say on the show, we are not the Destroy Trump Media,” Hannity exclaimed. “And if you are watching at home, have no doubts about fake news now being a clear, present danger to the Trump administration. They are the willing accomplices in all of this.” He continued, “And we have an example that should make you a believer. It’s scary, it’s real, and it proves what we’ve been saying on this program since 2008. Journalism in America is dead.” The Fox News host went on to play clips of Ross’ original report which he said Flynn would testify that then-candidate Trump told him to contact Russians and the subsequent correction that ABC News ran later that evening. He followed that up by highlighting how quickly Ross’ report spread before the correction, stating that even though Ross was eventually suspended for four weeks, it was “too little, too late.” One should note that months after Fox News retracted its false report on slain DNC staffer Seth Rich, it still has not announced any disciplinary actions or punishment related to it. Furthermore, Hannity devoted numerous broadcasts to hyping up the conspiracy. Watch the clip above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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