Media Metrics Roundup for December 6, 2017

We will be making a list of the top media metrics innovators for 2017, and want your nominations for the MetricShift20. Who has been rocking your world? Let us know!

BuzzFeed Is Losing Website Traffic As Readers Head For More Traditional News Sites
Rani Molla / Recode
ComScore numbers show BuzzFeed going in the wrong direction. Assessing The Impact Of Explanatory Journalism
Anjanette Delgado / MetricShift
How one newspaper surveyed its readers. “Did we make a difference?” Social Media Platform Changes You May Have Missed In November
Tory Starr / WGBH Social
Find several new analytics features in this always-helpful roundup. The Rise Of “Headline Browsers”
Sara Fischer / Axios
73 percent of posts on Reddit are voted on without being read. N.Y. Times Scales Back Free Articles to Get More Subscribers
Gerry Smith / Bloomberg
“The potential decline in traffic is worth the risk,” says NYT’s COO. Three Solutions For Estimating Population Sizes
Vladimir Batygin / Schibsted
To compete in programmatic, here’s how Schibsted’s Audience Targeting Engine works.

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Jason Alcorn (@jasonalcorn) is the Metrics Editor for MediaShift. In addition to his work with MediaShift, he works as a consultant with non-profits and newsrooms.
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