Time Magazine Person of the Year: ‘The Silence Breakers’

Time Magazine has revealed that “The Silence Breakers” have been named the 2017  “Person of the Year.” Given the current reckoning our society is going through — with sexual misconduct and countless individuals whose careers have fallen in disgrace — this is something of a no-brainer selection in the context of what has been a remarkable year in news. Watch the video published by Time in conjunction with this feature: The magazine had previously released a shortlist on Monday including Jeff Bezos, The Dreamers, Patty Jenkins, Kim Jong Un, Colin Kaepernick, The #MeToo movement, Robert Mueller, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. The cover features an illustration of numerous women who bravely came out to reveal sordid details that led to the downfall of numerous public figures which in turn led to the stunningly effective social media #MeToo campaign.  

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