Corey Lewandowski Reveals He Also Steamed Trump’s Pants While He Was Wearing Them

A fiery debate between Corey Lewandowski and Alisyn Camerota ended on a lighter note this morning when the New Day host asked about some of the more unique details that the former Trump campaign manager revealed in his new book, Let Trump be Trump. that he’s been promoting of late. Camerota was curious about a vignette in the book about day-to-day campaign prep and candidate primping, asking “why is Hope Hicks having to steam the president’s pants?” A smiling Lewandowski quickly replied, “everybody does everything on the campaign,” before including himself in his explanation (and oddly referring to himself in the third person by adding “Corey Lewandowski does the same thing. And goes on food runs.” If this were a movie trailer for an early 90’s Romantic Comedy, this is where viewers would hear a “record scratch” sound effect. A surprised Camerota follows up with “Hold on…do you steam the president’s while he’s wearing them?” “Of course!” said Lewandowski, eventually adding “If that’s part of my job, I do it all.” There are two ways to view this moment in today’s divided political landscape. If you were not a fan of the current administration, the visage of Lewandowski steaming then-candidate Trump’s pants while he was wearing them is the ultimate sign of sycophantic toadyism and worthy of derision.  But in the parlance of President Trump, you think that you are probably a loser and/or a hater. If you have a heart and have ever had to do whatever takes to get something done while leaving your ego aside? Well, then deep respect to Lewandoski for getting the job done regardless of his title, and perhaps, a bit of pride. Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN. –image via screen capture–

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