Three Resolutions for Data-Driven Marketers in 2018

This time of year is ripe for reflection and goal-setting. It's a time when companies can look back and take stock of the past year: what worked, what didn't, and what lessons can be applied to the year ahead. Data still keeps marketers and advertisers up at night. And it's an area that many advertisers (and their host of partners) will be assessing ahead of 2018. As data-driven advertising has grown up and swiftly moved from a nice-to-have strategy to table stakes, brands and agencies are becoming savvier when it comes to who they're buying from and how they are measuring and quantifying the success of their data-driven efforts. In fact, at a recent meeting of the minds among executives from NBC Universal, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other digital players, a senior NBCU sales rep called for better transparency and was unabashedly critical of the "walled gardens" that exist within like Facebook and Google. Transparency has remained a hot-button issue in the industryand it is relevant to brand advertisers and consumers alike. Continue reading at

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