CNN’s Phil Mudd Rips Trump For Threatening Aid Over U.N. Vote: ‘Diplomatic Prostitution’

On Thursday Phil Mudd, former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center, stopped by The Situation Room and spoke to Wolf Blitzer about the implications from Thursday’s U.N. vote. — in which the U.S. was condemned for its position recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Mudd tore into President Donald Trump’s threat to possibly defund the U.N.:
“Remember, this isn’t just about aid. If you look, for example, about the U.S. Relationship with Egypt, one of the reasons that the president has developed a relationship with President Sisi of Egypt is that he is so aggressive against the version of ISIS that is operating Egypt. Do you think the president’s going to get on the phone and say because of one vote that’s non-binding in the U.N. we’re going to back down on our partnership with you as you kill ISIS partners in Egypt? is not going to happen. Let me be blunt here, Wolf. This is diplomatic prostitution.”

In an act of rebellion toward Washington, the United Nations voted 128 to nine for a resolution insisting that the United States annul its Dec. 6 declaration on Jerusalem, the contested holy city. Mudd went on to address rising tensions regrading how the U.S. funds the U.N. and moves forward. “We are telling people, ‘Unless you vote with us, we’re not going to give you money. And if your heart doesn’t agree with American policies, we’re not going to support you in terms of U.S. aid.’ It’s not going to happen,” Mudd said. “The Americans aren’t going to do it, and the president’s not going to back it up.” Watch above, via CNN. [image via screenshot]

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