Laura Ingraham: Dems Are Actually Hoping Trump Fires Mueller, But He ‘Isn’t Falling For It’

On Thursday night, Laura Ingraham had a different take on the countless warnings Democrats have made in recent weeks to President Trump if he fires Robert Mueller. The Fox News host played clips of Democrats Adam Schiff and Mark Warner weighing in on the possibility of the president firing the special counsel as well as the heavy pushback from the Trump administration insisting that Mueller will not be fired. “Don’t be deceived for a nanosecond by the Democrats’ dramatic warnings that the president- ‘Better not fire Special Prosecutor Mueller! better not do it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!’ – They’re actually hoping they’re doing just that!” Ingraham claimed. “Now that the credibility of the Russia probe is tarnished after all the bombshell reporting we’ve been doing on this show… the anti-Trump bias of the investigators is off the charts. Firing Mueller may be the Democrats’ only hope at point. There is only one problem for them; the president isn’t falling for it. He outsmarts them every time.” She was joined by former Special Prosecutor Ken Starr and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz to weigh in. Starr insisted that firing Mueller would be “terrible” and that we “don’t need another Saturday Night Massacre.” Meanwhile, Dershowitz told his “liberal colleagues” have been “proved imempirically wrong” time and time again. “They said the Supreme Court would strike down the travel ban. It looks like they’re going to uphold it. They said the emoluments clause has been violated. Today, the federal judge said that’s a nonsensical argument. They were wrong about [Michael] Flynn. They’re wrong about firing Mueller. They have just been wrong,” Dershowitz elaborated. “It’s not because I am smarter than they’re, that I’ve been right and they are wrong. It’s they put hope over reality. I’m just an analyst. I’m just calling it as I see it. And it’s easy to be right if you’re objective and call it the way it is.” Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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