MSNBC Hosts Now Openly Defying Network Over Decision Not to Renew Joan Walsh

One notable aspect about the liberal backlash to Joan Walsh‘s MSNBC contract not being renewed is how certain key MSNBC hosts are publicly defending her, essentially criticizing the network’s decision. Joy Reid was the first and most vocal host so far, followed by Ari Melber and Chris Hayes: That’s three high-profile MSNBC hosts so far, with one of them directly taking issue with her own network’s “short-sighted” decision. One could certainly argue that its a good thing that MSNBC hosts can speak freely even against their network, but perhaps it’s also a testament to the lack of power network executives wield over the talent there. Consider this: would such sentiments be made publicly by key network hosts if it involved a similar decision by, say, Fox News or even CNN? I doubt it. [image via MSNBC] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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