Why Did Donald Trump Just Like a Tweet That Seems to Compare Him to the Grinch?

If there’s any one subject President Donald Trump has been crystal clear on, it’s that he has worked tirelessly to rescue Christmas from the hordes of “happy holidays” blasphemers and their evil Starbucks cups. Heck, earlier today he seemed to congratulate himself for single handily saving the “beleaguered” holiday. Yeah. This is real life. Wild, right? So, with him being like General Patton, leading the front lines in the war against Christmas, what the heck is he doing liking a tweet that seems to compare him to the Grinch? The tweet appeared in the thread for the message in which the president said he was “proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase.” Yeah, so, why did he like that subtweet of the Grinch’s tiny heart? Does he think anything Christmas-related, no matter how tangential, must be fought for at all costs? Would he have liked a picture of Tim Allen in The Santa Clause? What about a still from Die Hard? Now, it must be noted, Trump does not usually go around liking subtweets. As of this writing, he has only liked 24. There was just something about the Grinch that really spoke to him. Perhaps he thinks the Grinch refers to Barack Obama, because he showed the holiday adequate respect without calling attention to himself every few minutes? Besides, it’s not as if Donald Trump himself ever donned an anti-Christmas uniform, lobbing projectiles on behalf of the scurrilous “happy holidays” crowd. Oh wait. He did, but you must understand, this was before he thought he needed an easy culture war cudgel to further divide Americans for his own political gain. Perfectly understandable mixup. In the meantime, I guess we’ll never find out why he liked that Grinch tweet, but at least we know the president is mindlessly staring at his phone this Christmas like the rest of us. Doing just about anything to avoid your family. Now that is a Christmas tradition. [image via screenshot]Follow Lawrence Bonk (@sidescrollers) on Twitter

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