John Oliver Regrets Dustin Hoffman Confrontation: ‘The Whole Thing Just Made Me Feel Sad’

Comedian John Oliver made headlines earlier this month when he confronted Dustin Hoffman about allegations of sexual abuse during a panel that was organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film Wag the Dog. It was pretty intense and played into a set of competing narratives. One camp said Oliver did the only thing he could do, given the accusations that had begun piling up against Hoffman. Other people thought he overstepped his bounds, hijacking a panel that was supposed to be a celebration of a classic film. Heck, actor Michael Rapaport called Oliver a “fake-ass motherf***ing freedom fighter” who simply wanted to catch Hoffman “off guard.” Alec Baldwin expressed a similar sentiment, though without the cuss words. Now that he’s had some time to think about the fallout over the panel, Oliver may actually agree with his detractors. He appeared on The Russell Howard Hour and expressed over the infamous confrontation. “It wasn’t ideal but it became such a big story — but it became about my questions rather than his answers. The questions weren’t particularly remarkable, but his answers were … not great. That was the point of it,” he said. “But it didn’t really go anywhere constructive, so the whole thing just made me feel sad.” Oliver, however, said he did not mean to catch Hoffman “off guard,” noting he had told producers on multiple occasions that he would be bringing up the accusations. “I said, ‘If he is going to be there, I have to ask him about this. I understand you might not want your event to be about this, so you might want to get someone else,’ and they said ‘No, no, we want you to do it,'” he said. “Then when he [Hoffman] confirmed, I said, ‘I am going to ask him.’” “A collision course was set at that moment.” All of this, though, may be moot, as more accusers have continued to step forward, alleging that Hoffman engaged in all manner of gruesome behavior, including appearing naked in front of teenagers and penetrating women with his finger without their consent. [image via screenshot]Follow Lawrence Bonk (@sidescrollers) on Twitter

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