Salt Lake Tribune Editor Defends Blistering Hatch Editorial: ‘He Thinks the Seat Belongs to Him’

The Salt Lake Tribune editor who wrote that scathing editorial about Orrin Hatch is not backing down or taking back his criticisms of the Utah senator. The Tribune named Hatch “Utahn of the Year” this week, but the title was only to draw attention to the paper’s argument that Hatch has a “lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power.” Hatch seemed to give the editorial an endorsement on Twitter, though his spokesman insisted that the senator was being tongue-in-cheek, and the Tribune‘s piece was a “baseless” attack “pursuing an ‘unquenchable thirst for clicks.'” MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson spoke today with George Pyle, who helped write the Tribune‘s piece, in order to get his reaction to all of the commotion. Pyle defended the paper by saying they acknowledged how Hatch had more impact on his state than anyone else this year, but doesn’t necessarily mean all those things were good.” Pyle cycled through the Tribunes criticisms of Hatch, particularly their concern that Hatch won’t give up his Senate seat like he promised he would at the end of his current term. This comes after Hatch failed to resolve several outstanding issues he promised to address during his last run. “We had some faith that over the last six years, Senator Hatch would use what he describes as his great influence and experience to solve those problems, and nothing has happened,” Pyle said. When Jackson asked whether Hatch caused Utah to miss opportunities in the form of other possible senators, Pyle answered in the affirmative.
“I think that he’s resting on his laurels. He thinks the seat belongs to him rather than the people of Utah… He ran saying ‘Look, I’m the influential guy in the Senate. You don’t want to lose my power. Two of the things I will do with my power are CHIP and DACA.’ He did neither. There’s no particular reason to believe he deserves another six years to do those things. Anybody who would replace him from the middle of the Republican Party would probably vote the same way, but would be less in a position of having gone back on his word, and would probably be rather less embarrassing in the way he’s kowtowing to the president.”

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