Governor Cuomo Rips GOP Tax Bill for ‘Pillaging’ Blue States: ‘The Epitome of Political Arrogance’

New York governor Andrew Cuomo gave an interview with CNN today where he tore into the GOP’s tax reform bill and called it a “bait and switch” that will screw over American workers. Cuomo called the bill “devilish” by arguing that it eliminates the deductibility of state and local taxes over $10,000, which amounts to what Cuomo described as “paying two taxes.” Cuomo also reiterated his view that the bill has created an “economic civil war” by providing tax cuts to red states, while placing the burden on blue states after receiving no support from Democratic senators. Citizens of blue states, typically, pay higher state and local taxes, after all.
“What the senate was saying is ‘because we have no senators from the blue states, we don’t care, so let’s pillage the blue to give to the red.’ That’s never been done in this nation before! That’s partisan over any semblance of good government.”

When Alisyn Camerota asked Cuomo what he intends to do, he answered that he is looking at ways to restructure the tax code. He continued to say that his initiative has already seen significant public support, and he continued to rail against the bill for “penalizing my state because of its political affiliation.” “Maybe [the bill] worked for the Senate because they don’t have any Democratic senators in these states, which is the epitome of political arrogance,” Cuomo said. “But there’s a Republican congressman and a Republican president that has to run in these states, and these people are not going to forget.” “How are you going to grow the economy after you put a dagger in the heart of New York and California?” Watch above, via CNN. [Image via screengrab] — —
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