Remember Roy Moore’s Jewish Lawyer? Well, He Voted For His Longtime Friend Doug Jones

At the final campaign rally for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore before the special election last month, Moore’s wife Kayla insisted that it was “fake news” that the couple was anti-Semitic. Her proof? “One of our attorneys is a Jew!” she exclaimed with a smug smirk of self-satisfaction. Despite that last-minute appeal, Moore lost a close election to Democrat Doug Jones the following night. And part of that reason is that their one Jewish lawyer voted for Jones. The Washington Examiner tracked down Richard Jaffe, who was hired by the Moores to defend their son in 2016 against drug charges. Jaffe let the Examiner know that he had been close friends with Jones for roughly 30 years. And besides voting for Jones, he helped his friend by being a donor and raising money for Jones’ campaign. “There could not be a more passionate supporter of Doug than !” he stated. Jaffe also said that he was there by Jones’ side when the senator-elect delivered his acceptance speech and plans to be at the Senate when Jones is sworn into the chamber tomorrow. Kayla Moore apparently delivered the cringeworthy line about the couple’s Jewish attorney to combat charges that her husband was anti-Semitic following Roy Moore’s comments about billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Appearing on local radio last month, Moore suggested Soros was going to hell because he was Jewish, stating that he didn’t “recognize God” and “accept his salvation.” [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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