Media Metrics Roundup for January 10, 2018

MetricShift20: Honoring The Leaders in Media Metrics
Jason Alcorn / MetricShift
Our new list of trailblazers, thinkers, scholars and innovators. The Top Social Media Platform Changes In December
Tory Starr / WGBH Social
What you might have missed. How To Prepare For The Removal Of Publisher Posts From Facebook’s News Feed
Simon Galperin / Medium
Good ideas for digital publishers, no matter what happens in 2018. Why Quartz Is Churning Out Short-Run Newsletters For Big Events
Max Willens / Digiday
Check out the numbers they are getting. We Can Probably Measure Media Bias. But Do We Want To?
Tamar Wilner / Columbia Journalism Review
A Chartbeat for partisan balance? We’ve Analysed 6,500 Images That Appeared On Our Homepage And Here Is What We’ve Learned
Al Jazeera Labs / Medium
An interesting use of machine learning to analyze content.

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Jason Alcorn

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