Kellyanne Conway Tells Chris Cuomo ‘Be an Apple, Don’t Be a Banana!’ in Bizarre Clash

Chris Cuomo faced off with Kellyanne Conway and yep, things went off the rails pretty quickly. It didn’t take long for Conway to take a bunch of shots at CNN, telling Cuomo, “Think about everything that you have missed covering because of the obsession with the Russia collusion investigation.” Cuomo confronted her about President Trump‘s comments today avoiding saying whether he’ll sit down with Robert Mueller or not. Per usual, Conway repeatedly argued that CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are focusing too much on Russia at the expense of talking about all the great news from the Trump White House. She dismissed Russia “fantasies” and Cuomo said, “You shouldn’t dismiss national security concerns as fantasy.” But as they argued about immigration, this actually happened:
CONWAY: Christopher, are you telling the viewers that no drugs come through the Southern border? Did you just say that? No, I’m saying the idea that a wall–– CONWAY: Facts first. CUOMO: –is going to be a difference– CONWAY: Be an apple, don’t be a banana! CUOMO: –the wall is going to be a difference is a joke.

Conway was, of course, referring to CNN’s new ad campaign. Watch the first part of the interview above, via CNN. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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