Jeff Flake Fact-Checks Trump on Immigration Meeting: Words ‘Abhorrent and Repulsive’

Sen. Jeff Flake can be added to the depressingly small list of sitting Republicans that have criticized President Donald Trump for yesterday’s incendiary comments, in which he allegedly referred to El Salvador, Haiti and other African nations as “shithole countries.” Flake took to Twitter and denounced the president, calling his words “abhorrent and repulsive.” “The words used by the President, as related to me directly following the meeting by those in attendance, were not ‘tough,'” he wrote. “They were abhorrent and repulsive.” Republican Flake has long been a thorn in Trump’s side, often speaking out against the president, saying “I couldn’t sleep at night having to embrace the president or condoning his behavior or being with some of his positions.” Flake is not up for re-election in Arizona, having said that the current climate of the Republican party has made it so he could not even win, especially if he told the truth. “I felt that I could not run the kind of race I would need to run to be competitive,” he said. “I could not speak out as I am now and as I have been over the past several months. There is no way you can be competitive in a Republican primary, particularly in a state like Arizona, if you don’t agree with the President’s position or condone his behavior.” In true Trumpian fashion, the president has consistently referred to the 55-year-old Senator as “Jeff Flakey.” [image via screenshot]Follow Lawrence Bonk (@sidescrollers) on Twitter

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