The View’s Meghan McCain Blasts Megyn Kelly’s Fat-Shaming Remarks: ‘The Rhetoric Is Dangerous’

Following her broadcast yesterday, NBC’s Megyn Kelly came under fire for saying on the air that “some of us want to be [fat] shamed.” This morning, following widespread criticism, Kelly took back her comments and said she does “not endorse this reality” of fat-shaming. On The View today, the panel didn’t really seem to buy Kelly’s backtracking statement as guest host Wendy Williams snarked that the NBC star sounded “so authentic” after they played a clip of Kelly’s monologue. In response to Kelly claiming today that it makes her “cringe” when she hears someone attacked for their weight, Whoopi Goldberg expressed confusion because Kelly was directly calling for fat-shaming just a day before. Former Fox News host Meghan McCain weighed in and immediately pointed out that she was fat-shamed years ago by current Fox News host Laura Ingraham. She then moved on to Kelly’s comments — something she had addressed on Twitter yesterday — noting that besides saying yesterday that fat-shaming can be good, Kelly also included diet tips in her book and that it came across that a woman needed to be thin to get ahead. “The thing about this is the rhetoric is dangerous,” McCain declared. “I’m a conservative political analyst. I’m still a very political person, no matter what she decided to do with her career.” McCain went on to state that she doesn’t have to lose a pound to be on The View, adding that she has a “cool job” and a “hot husband.” In a later segment, McCain praised Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean forpublicly pushing back against viewers fat-shaming her and asking her not to wear skirts on-air. McCain noted that Dean is one of her best friends and has been there for her in the wake of her father’s cancer diagnosis. In a recent interview with Moneyish, Dean discussed how shock jock Don Imus used to fat-shame her on a daily basis when she worked with him. She explained that one time, Imus brought a personal trainer with him on air to say that Dean needed to work on “her hips and her butt.” Watch the clip above, via ABC. [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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