Celebs Find Their Art Doppelgangers on New App That Matches Selfies to Portraits

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The Google Arts & Culture app — which boasts a feature matching selfies to museum portraits — has gone wildly viral. That’s thanks to a certain feature, called “Is your portrait in a museum?,” which uses facial recognition technology to couple a selfie with a portrait from a famous art gallery. The update was released a month ago, but celebs only caught on recently — as the app soared to the top of most downloaded on iPhones over the weekend. Celebrities took to Twitter to post their matches — reacting in frustration or amusement with the portraits selected by the app. The results have been varied and roundly entertaining:  

Huh. That was fun.

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Guys, this app is DEAD ON.

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And finally, it wouldn’t be a viral social media phenomenon without corporate accounts ruining it:

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