Rallying Cry

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A year into the Trump Administration, thousands continue to take to the streets but has the press lost interest? This week we look at the nature of protest in an era of never-ending distraction. We also take a deep dive into the world of right-wing conspiracies, as well as meme culture as a whole. Plus, we remember Ursula Le Guin, the monumental science fiction author who passed away earlier this week. 
  1. Will Sommer [@willsommer], author of of the Right Richter newsletter and editor at The Hill, on the latest right-wing conspiracies. 

  2. Amanda Hess [@amandahess], internet critic at the New York Times, on the dynamics and politics of meme culture.

  3. Zeynep Tufekci [@zeynep], professor at the University of North Carolina, on coverage of protest movements like the Women's March.

  4. David S. Meyer [@davidsmeyer1], sociology professor at the University of at Irvine, on tropes and faults to look out for in coverage of protests. 

5. Julie Phillips [@jcfphillips], biographer and critic, on the life and writings of author Ursula K. Le Guin.  Songs: Fallen Leaves by Marcos Ciscar Berotim by John Zorn Uluwati by John Zorn Tilliboyo by Kronos Quartet Love Theme from Spartacus by Yusef Lateef

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