Ben Stein Questions Rob Porter Allegations: ‘There Are All Kinds of Ways of Getting a Black Eye’

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While actor and ex-White House speech writer Ben Stein believes the abuse allegations leveled against disgraced administration aide Robert Porter, he suggested the photos of her black-eye may not be real during an MSNBC interview. While talking to David Gura, Stein said the following:
“I think the president is right to want to talk about it. The president is doing something fine by saying I uphold due process of law. I think it would be wrong if the president said, ‘okay, from now on we’re going to go on the basis of allegations.’ I’m not going to say mere allegations, allegations from a man’s wife are extremely important. I’ve been married 52 years, and I think I can tell you when a man’s wife says something about the man, she’s probably more right than he is, generally speaking.”

Stein went on to question the authenticity of the of Porter’s ex-wife Colbie Holderness’s where she is seen with a disturbing bruise around her eye. “I don’t know how she got that injury. I mean, she says he hit her and she’s probably right, but I’d like to see due process of law unfold. There are all kinds of ways of getting a black eye. In all likelihood she’s correct, but there are all kinds of ways of getting a black eye and I’d like to know more specifics. I’d like to have him have a defense counsel defend him,” Stein said. Watch above, via MSNBC. [images via Shutterstock] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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