Conservative Media Blasts CNN for Fawning North Korea Coverage — Forgetting They Did It Too

CNN has taken a boatload of heat the past couple of days over its article on Kim Yo Jong, the sister of brutal North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un. The piece on her visit to the Pyeongchang Games has been savaged by many for what is seen as a glowing portrayal of her, replete with a headline that says she’s “stealing the show.” Heck, even Sen. Lindsey Graham got in on the act. Some of the loudest voices slamming CNN over the article have come from Fox News and conservative media sites. In the wake of CNN publishing the piece, Fox News has hosted numerous segments on its airwaves and published several posts on its website criticizing its competitor. And, of course, right-leaning media was all over CNN, with Breitbart offering the network a faux-gold medal for “sucking up to a totalitarian regime.” But is CNN the
outlet that published something amounting to a puff piece on Kim Yo Jong? Nope. The New York Post and the New York Times penned similar pieces. More importantly, however, so did Fox News. Yeah. That’s right. Despite all of its bluster, repeatedly outing CNN for embracing a dictator because they wrote Kim Jong Un’s sister has “struck a chord with the public,” Fox News has also penned its share of puffy pieces about the authoritarian sibling. Take this one, for instance, a relatively gushing profile of Kim Yo Jong that makes no mention of her brother’s brutal regime, but does note her “flashy arrival” and refers to her as, and we quote, “North Korea’s Ivanka.” Another Fox News story doubles down on the “Kim Jong Un’s Ivanka” angle, putting it right in the headline. Again, their article makes no mention of the mass murders that Kim Jong Un’s regime is alleged to regularly commit, but did say that the country would be bringing “artists and a cheering squad” to the Olympics. But what about Breitbart? Surely, they could not have written anything positive about North Korea’s foray into the global glitterati at the Pyeongchang Games, right? Think again. Check this article out, in which everyone’s favorite alt-right punching bag described the country’s “charm offensive” during the games, noting how well received their cheerleading squad was, quoting an unnamed volunteer as saying the performance by the North Koreans was the “most exciting of all the welcome events for the teams.” It goes on and on. The Daily Caller posted a simple introductory video on North Korea’s cheerleaders, writing they are “affectionally known as an ‘army of beauties.'” Again, there is no mention made in this particular article on the brutalities conducted by the regime, though, to be fair, they did write that the country may be “trying to steal the show to present itself as a normal, cooperative nuclear state.” The Federalist, meanwhile, has its own history of making light of Kim Jong Un’s brutal regime. Hey look at this, it’s a cute little story comparing Hillary Clinton’s sartorial predilections to the dictator. These articles didn’t stop Federalist founder and noted plagiarist Ben Domenech from penning his own takedown of CNN, subtly titled “Dear America: Your News Media Absolutely Hates You.” “It’d be nice to say that American media doesn’t hate this country,” Domenech opens his piece, before concluding that the coverage of North Korea proves the media’s “utter hatred for the nation and its people.” So, yeah, pot meet kettle and all of that. By the way, have you heard about North Korea’s amazing cheerleading squad? They are 229 strong and, by all accounts, put on one heck of a show. [image via screengrab]Follow Lawrence Bonk (@sidescrollers) on Twitter

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