Jesse Watters: ‘CNN Was Like the PR Machine for the North Koreans’

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Fox News’ The Five opened today by blasting the glowing mainstream media coverage of the sister of Kim Jong Un. The stunning puff piece nature of some of the reports about the sister of a dictator (which some conservative media outlets did too) rubbed people the wrong way, and with good reason. Greg Gutfeld opened by mocking some of the more ridiculously-fawning media coverage with a Valentine’s Day montage. As the co-hosts talked about the embarrassing nature of this coverage, Jesse Watters said the following:
“They fell for the oldest trick in the book. You get a young, pretty woman to sell your product. That’s what they do. He sends his younger sister over there, and that’s supposed to take the harsh edge off the regime. Meanwhile, the regime is killing people in concentration camps. The North Koreans want to drive a wedge between the South Koreans and the States, and they dupe the U.S. media into it. CNN was like the PR machine for the North Koreans. They think they’re worldly and they’re so sophisticated and they’re so informed that they were duped by a dictator.”

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